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Why to add to my boss on Social Networks – Read More

Why Should Add Boss on Social Media
Why Should Add Boss on Social Media

Why to add to my boss on Social Networks – Read More

Our boss sent us a friend request on social networks. Now what do we do? In many cases we do not want our boss as a contact, in others it is a contact that is relevant to us. It depends a little on what social network we move. Not the same Facebook to LinkedIn, a social network of a professional field staff. So we will try to explain why I have to add to my boss on social networks.






In personal social networks, added as a contact our boss is always possible to have a relationship that goes beyond work. Incredibly, we have a cordial relationship, or friendship with our boss directly, without going to undermine its authority in imposing its discretion in the workplace. If we are of those who were to play indoor soccer with coworkers, sure we do not care to continue our business, as we have other colleagues on Facebook. That if better not forget that we have done .

Our leader in professional social networks

In a professional environment it may even be a good reference that we add to our boss . For one, you can view our activity in these networks, our items and shared post if we have acquired some new skills, etc. That is, we are more present as professionals, and there is a vacancy to be covered internally, sure we’ll be more considerate.






At the same time we can also serve for recommendations and reviews of our work, something we can be very useful if you ever change companies , but also for workers face value ourselves as customers of our company.

Also the participation in professional groups , where we will carving out a reputation as experts in our area , can help us, and our company, get more customers, collaborate on projects with other companies, or simply be recognized as an authority in our sector.

For all these reasons have our head in social networks can be a help, including a guide to begin moving through social networks with a professional strategy that can also help the company , not just on an individual professional level. This question may not take advantage of everything in most organizations, and here the involvement of the head, is imperative.

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