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Why did you left your previous Job – Answer Us?

Answer for Why did you leave your last job
Answer for Why did you leave your last job

Why did you left your previous Job – Answer Us?

During a job interview it is common to be asked why you are looking for a new job, what happened to the previous one? We explain how to explain why you left your job without alarming the interviewer, there are many things you should avoid saying.

In a job interview you can find all kinds of questions, but possibly one of the most complex is to explain to the interviewer why you left your previous job .

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There may be an obvious and reasonable reason: you had a toxic boss , you had no interest in the activity of the company or the hours were hellish. However, you should be careful how you explain it so as not to scare or alarm the interviewer.

The interviewer does not ask this question out of curiosity, instead, he seeks to find out how you deal with difficult situations and how you relate to the rest . Thus, it can also reveal whether or not you fit into the culture and environment of the new company. Basically, you are testing your integrity as a worker.

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From the employment platform Monster have revealed some keys to successfully answer the question in the interview and get the position you propose . There are a number of things you should do, as well as everything you should avoid:

Focus on the results : A good way to answer this job interview question is to say that you are looking for a new challenge, but always taking advantage to highlight what you achieved in your previous job. Emphasize that, after reaching your previous goal you are willing to start pursuing new goals and grow professionally, and that the company that offers the job seems the ideal place to do so.

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Do not say that the previous job was not enough for you : It does not matter if you were bored, that your job will not fill you, or that your salary was ridiculously low, do not tell the recruiter this . Despite being perfectly reasonable, the interviewer might think that the same thing could happen to you in your new job: if you do not feel it is enough, you will leave.

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Explain that you feel you fit more into the new company : Without criticizing your previous company, you can explain that your way of working or business culture fits better with the current offer. Always try to flatter your previous company, but making it clear that the new one seems better.

Never criticize your previous company : Not your boss, never. If you speak ill of a company, why would not you do it with another?

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