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Top Most Demanding Professions in the World

World Most Demanding Professions
World Most Demanding Professions

Top Most Demanding Professions in the World

Here are the top demanding careers you should follow if you want to earn much money in future in or out of the country.

1.- Truck driver / Trucker

The first place, although it is subjective, the truck driver takes it . Typically it is the occupation on which we can see a multitude of documentaries, series and movies on television, highlighting how stressful and demanding it is.

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2.- Nursing

This work, which requires more professional preparation than the previous one, maintaining equal levels of stress, is one of the most demanding, since the professional must be constantly aware that dozens of lives depend on his performance.

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The nurses have few hours of sleep throughout the day and they even have to spend nights on guard, attending to emergency patients who enter and take care of them.

3.- Police

Despite the hard training it takes to become a police officer, this does not prepare them fully for the day-to-day situations they may end up living.

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The police officer must have a steel temper and remain calm in difficult situations, very mentally demanding attitude. In addition, the constant risk of their integrity and that of others sometimes becomes oppressive .

4.- Airline Pilot

The airline pilot receives strenuous training that will allow him to fly the expensive and important cargo and passenger planes. You should constantly check the variables during the flight,

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if you omit the smallest detail, this could cause hundreds of lives loss, in addition, on longer flights, without pause, you can not afford a little nap to rest.

5.- Military

Last but not least, you find, more than an occupation, a position. The cinema and television has accustomed us to see how demanding it is to be a soldier in any nation: to endure pressure, heavy daily training, nights of restless walking, forced labor, practices, learning and a strict sleep routine leads them to develop high levels of stress and mental demand.

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