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Important tips to deal with office politics

Deal With Office Politics
Deal With Office Politics

Important tips to deal with office politics

Office Politics is basically backstabbing, spreading malicious rumors, and sucking up to the right people. Many of us would be affected from the office politics. Some People thinks by doing politics against the right person would give benefits to them but in short they have narrow mind and little thinking and cannot get long term success.

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1- Document your time

You should do your in a deadline, and do smart work that other cannot do. By your work and efficiency show your colleagues and bossed that what you can do and what have done. Show your productivity and that will make sense to keep you far away from the irrelevant gossips. By doing a productive work you will learn a lot and will be successful in future.

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2- Make Friends

If you think you are out of office gossips and being isolated you should make friends. If a person at work is the main source of conflict, the best way to unite with your co-workers.

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3- Don’t sink to their level

If your colleagues act and behave negative with you then no need to come on their level, however ask them calmly in private when you get a time “why they acted upon you how they did” that will make sense and may will change the behavior of them towards you.


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4- Change the culture from within

The best way to do this is to praise others, encourage teamwork and be empathetic to your co-workers. By making an effort to change the culture to one of kindness and honesty, you can create a better environment for everyone.

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5- Be Brave – but Not Naive

Your first instinct may be to keep your distance from people who practice “bad” politics. In fact, the opposite can be more effective. The expression, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” often applies to office politics.

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