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Do’s and Dont’s for your Resume – Read

How to Make a Resume
How to Make a Resume

Do’s and Dont’s for your Resume – Read

The CV is a form of selling:

If errors are made, the company usually discard automatically the applicant. Therefore it is important to learn to avoid the most common ‘mistakes’. Everything is subjective, but there are some references in the curricula ‘squeak’ businesses and may alienate the candidate of the position to which they aspire.

These are the most significant:

Personal details. There should indicate religion, marital status or political sympathies. Only exceptionally, when it is important for job performance should be mentioned links with organizations of various kinds.

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With or without photo? This is not the issue.

The important thing is not to become part of the group of applicants who surprises seleccionares with photos with very little clothing, making perched or carried out on a night out. Unless the person is a model or performer, these snapshots are a bad choice. The classic photo card is the most appropriate for the curriculum.

Salary expectations.

How much you want to win? Say much or little money can harm the applicant to specify it in the curriculum. It is best to discuss the matter during the personal interview, not before, unless required by the company.

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‘Makeover’ document.

It is not advisable to abuse of the term ‘expert’ in certain subjects or programs. The coach might suspect that the candidate is exaggerating with professional experience or level of language which claims.


Once submitted, you say the curriculum goes to church.

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Hence there not give false company names, create or invent imaginary heads letters of recommendation.

not attach references.

Indicate that you have letters of recommendation and not add them the curriculum can doubt the word of the candidate. When you have references, it is best deliver them to the company and anticipate this on request.

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Confidential Information.

Having had access to relevant data of an organization, not supposed to be disclosed in the curriculum. This will create distrust in the selection, which would dispense with the candidate for certain functions.

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Companies will consider any inaccuracies. Committing errors in the curriculum or use colloquialisms, can ruin a good candidate. We must analyze the curriculum in as much detail before submitting.

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