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Best companies to work for in Spain

the best companies to work for
the best companies to work for

Best companies to work for in Spain

The average salary in Spain is around 1,625 euros per month. In Spain, the salary level varies significantly depending on the age, the sector, the work and responsibilities that are held, as well as the position in the company.

7 out of 10 Spaniards would change jobs

The sector with the highest wage level is the industrial sector, followed by the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. In third place would be the construction sector, followed by agriculture, fishing and livestock, and finally the services sector. The difference in wages between the industrial sector and the service sector is 7,825 euros, with an average of 26,793 and 18,969 euros per year, respectively.

According to the latest report by Adecco and infoempleo on the supply and demand of employment, this is one of the reasons why seven out of ten workers are not comfortable and happy with their job. This is mainly due to the low salaries they receive for the work they perform. In most cases, workers consider that their salary should be higher. Specifically, 72’3% of employees in Spain believe that the remuneration they receive is not enough.
Sex, age and region: determining factors in the salary.

The highest monthly salaries are in the Basque Country (1,941 euros), followed by Madrid (1,933 euros) and Navarre (1,735 euros). On the opposite side we find the communities that charge the least: Extremadura (1,333) and Canarias (1,402).

The companies that best pay their workers

But the salary difference is also directly related to the size of the company. Employees of small businesses earn less (1,356 euros per month on average) compared to large (1,996 euros).

The companies in which the average salary is highest belong to the sectors of technology, finance and consulting, according to the latest annual ranking by Glass door. According to this analysis, there are five companies that offer an average salary of 90,000 pounds a year.

These companies are:

UBS. One of the largest banks in Switzerland and also one of the world’s largest private asset managers. The average salary within this company is 74,000 pounds.

Microsoft The technology giant pays its employees an average of 81,010 pounds.

Deutsche Bank. The largest banking group in Germany and a giant of this sector worldwide. Give your employees an average compensation of 90,000 pounds.

Facebook. It has more than one billion active users per day and dominates the world of social networks. Pay an average of 95,600 Pounds.

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Salesforce It is one of the most used customer relationship management systems in the world. The salary his employees receive is, on average, 110,000 pounds.

Spanish companies where everyone wants to work

Within Spain, the minimum inter professional salary is 655 euros per month. As we have already anticipated, the sectors that best pay their workers are: the industrial sector, the Information and Communication Technologies sector and the construction sector. In addition, it also depends a lot on the department in which the work is developed. The legal departments, as well as the accounting and finance departments, charge the most. On the other hand, those who receive less salary are: those of purchases, logistics and transport;the administrative, the graphic arts and the customer service area.

Despite this, in Spain there are 50 companies that are the ones that best treat their clients, including their salary. Those companies in which everyone would want to work. According to the consultant Great Place to Work, these companies have common characteristics, such as rest areas for their workers, flexible hours and teleworking, variable remuneration for all their employees, medical insurance, salary equity method between men and women …

Between the companies of 500 to 1000 workers, Mars occupies the first position. The technology company Cisco ranks first in its category of 250 to 500 employees.

According to Excite, the energy sector is among the companies that best remunerate their employees in Spain with an average of 5,000 euros per month. It is followed, though much further, by employees in the financial sector with an average of 40,000 euros per year. In third place are the information and communications companies, which pay an average of 2,800 euros a month to their employees. The salaries of the extractive industry have an annual average of 31,400 euros.

A sector that we have not mentioned before is that of health activities, which have an average salary of around 24,800 euros, well above the national average.

Whatever your salary, it is advisable to keep a financial control to be aware at all times of what is paid and what each expense is spent in order to manage your money well.

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