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9 Simple Steps of how to find work in Canada

9 steps to Follow to Work in Canada
9 steps to Follow to Work in Canada

9 Simple Steps of how to find work in Canada

How to study and work in Canada is the question. That is why we have prepared this guide that you are reading right now, with the intention of clarifying any doubt about it. So, if it seems good, we start with a step by step process. Think that if you put all your effort into it, you can find work in Canada in less than two weeks.

1. Decide what kind of experience you want to live in Canada

The first step to finding work in Canada will be to determine what you expect from this experience. Keep in mind that, beyond personal enrichment, it will be a decision that will greatly influence the entire job search process: first, it will determine the most appropriate type of visa for you, and, second, because it will help you to know other requirements that will be necessary. So, you should assess the following:

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Do you want to study and work? Are you interested in learning English? Would you like to have free time to get to know the country thoroughly?

Our recommendation is always to study and work in Canada, since it is the one that will facilitate the obtaining of the visa. In addition, you will also enjoy free time and allow you to fully integrate into Canadian life. In the sections that follow you can see that the other options do not offer such good possibilities.

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2. Select the city in which you want to work

In this step necessary to work in Canada, you must decide which is the destination city that will give you the greatest advantages regarding your tastes and your adaptation. The main cities of Canada are: Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler. In all three cases, these are charming cities, although each of them has its own peculiarities.

If you have not yet decided on any of them, take a look at our Canada Cities Guide. At the end of it you can find a comparison according to the ease they offer when it comes to finding a job.

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3. Obtain the work visa for Canada that suits your goals

An essential requirement for you to live in Canada is to obtain a visa. However, there is a wide variety of visas, each with special conditions that you must take into account to select the one that benefits you the most. This is a question that we will deal with in greater depth in one of our later sections.

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4. Prepare a curriculum adapted to the country’s standards

Once you have obtained your visa, it will be time to get down to work with the curriculum before the date of your trip to Canada arrives. You should bear in mind that there are basic specifications of each country for which you can positively draw attention and be considered for the position.

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In the case of Canada, you will have to condense your experience, training and skills in a single page, in which you will have to carry out the following requirements: short paragraphs with the important phrases highlighted in bold, the basic contact data, the reason why you should choose for this position, your skills, education, experience and availability. It is also always advisable that you add certain references of former colleagues or employers.

For more complete information, do not miss out on how to create a good curriculum for Canada.

5. Travel to Canada

And now … Finally the time has come to travel to Canada! Say goodbye to your home; An adventure is about to welcome you. This is the moment in which you are right at the middle of the process to work in Canada. Ready to continue with him from your new destination? Keep reading the following steps that you should perform.

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6. Open a bank account

Although it is not strictly necessary to work in Canada, opening a bank account is a highly recommended step, since most companies in Canada pay their payroll by bank transfer. On the other hand, if you are going to settle in the country for a rather long season, the bank account will facilitate the management of different procedures and procedures.

7. Obtain the necessary permits according to sector

There are sectors that require titles or special permits to perform certain jobs and you must inform yourself if your position needs any of these permits. For example: food handler or permission to sell alcohol for the hotel industry.

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8. Find a job

At this point in the process, you should have everything ready to start looking for work in Canada. In this same guide you will find a section called “job search” where you will find a list with all the most effective ways to find and find work in Canada, as well as the main employment exchanges to be able to consult them.

9. Work and enjoy this wonderful country

!! Congratulations!! After following all the previous steps, by now you have already found the work of your great adventure. Your only responsibility from now on will be to enjoy your economic freedom in Canada and the world of opportunities that will open right in front of your eyes. Go for it!

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